Est. 2020

High Desert Saponification

Southwest Inspired Soap

Vegan and Ethically Sourced

Albuquerque, NM

Hi! I'm Jordan!

 I started High Desert Saponification in 2020, during a time when washing your hands became even more important. Liquid soap, though convenient, never had the aesthetic I enjoy. Not to mention the over use of plastic. So I began creating soaps inspired by all things New Mexico.

These handcrafted vegan soaps are made with ethically sourced ingredients to care for your skin. I hope you enjoy these delectable scents and beautiful designs.




A reaction in which an ester is heated with an alkali, such as sodium hydroxide, 
producing a free alcohol and an acid salt, 
especially alkaline hydrolysis of a fat or oil to make soap.

Palm oil is one of the main ingredients used in soap making. It can be a tricky ingredient. It's so important to me that I do my part to have a positive impact on the environment, which is why I make sure to use certified responsibly sourced ingredients. You can enjoy the benefits of clean and moisturized skin without any guilt. 

Palm Oil